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Vaccines are in complete ViolationPvt schools fail to meet MR vaccination targets

Delhi high court on Tuesday made it clear that the AAP government has to publicise pros and cons, including the risks of administering




(MR) vaccine to schoolchildren.

It also stressed on the need to have express consent of the parent before vaccinating a child.

“Indications are necessary for consent, whether positive or negative. You have to tell people about the risks,” Justice Vibhu Bakhru said, adding that the ‘consent has to be express’ and not opt-out.

(However if you sign any consent form you absolve the criminals of their crime.)

Contrary to the Delhi government’s circular, the Delhi High Court on Tuesday stated that school children will be given measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccines only with the consent of their parents.

FDA stops 2 batches of Measeles Rubella Vaccines following Deaths

High Alert Follows Vaccine Backlash

Her brother, who is about four years old, was also hospitalised for the same problem but was discharged on Wednesday.

100’s of Madrasas reject Vaccinations

Vaccine kills infant, 2 others critical

MR Drive starts in Bihar on Jan 15, 2019

123 more schools Refuse Vaccinations, Face Action

After Threat, 15 schools say Yes

As on December 13,2018, the Govt of India conceded 14 deaths and 650 hospitalizations from the MR campaign around a month back. Says all are coincidence. The actual figures are much more as deaths within 24 to 36 hours is only considered. A senior doctor in India says the death figure is 37 so far.

After death of 9 year old from vaccination, MLA demands stay on MR Vaccine Drive

Relatives of a ten-year-old girl in Maharashtra’s Washim district have approached police alleging negligence by doctors after the girl, vaccinated for rubella, took ill and died at a government hospital.

However, if any parent refuses to consent, the vaccine cannot be administered to the child,” said Dr Sanjeev Kamble, director of health services, Maharashtra.

Student in ICU after vaccination.

This report mentions two deaths.

30 kids hospitalised after receiving vaccine at UP school

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Tamil Nadu

26 Measeles Vaccine Death in 3 Years, no Investigative Report

India Recalls Measeles Vaccine after Child Deaths

After death of 9 year old from vaccination in Maharashtra MLA demands stay on MR drive

Baby falls ill due to “Measles and Rubella” Vaccination/ DSC/Jagtial/ 18.08.17