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Consider these 25 points BEFORE vaccinating
1. Childhood illnesses are beneficial and are essential to build the immune system
2. Suppressing them in itself is the road to chronic disorders & disabilities
3. Vaccines ingredients are extremely toxic and harmful. Besides the dreaded toxins mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, the other ingredients (some ought not to be injected) can be found here;
4. The claim that vaccines eradicated disease is not backed by facts. The credit actually goes to better housing conditions, clean water, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition. Also doctors are trained to change the name of diseases if they appear despite vaccination thus ‘eliminating’ diseases.
5. Vaccines have never been adequately tested for safety/efficacy
6. Administration of more than one vaccine does not have the backing of any safety study
7. The effects of the entire vaccination schedule on children has never been studied
8. Statistical manipulation and intense lobbying is behind ‘vaccine success’
9. Vaccine harm is constantly denied as coincidence
10. There are 248 serious adverse effects including death noted in published mainstream scientific literature
11. Vaccine induced autoimmune disorders and toxicity problems show up many years after administration
12. Vaccine induced chronic disorders fuel the growth of the medical empire
13. There is no safety net for victims in developing nations
14. Vaccines are profitable; driven by corporate philanthropists supporting eugenics agendas
15. In the USA $4.01 billion has so far been paid as compensation for vaccination damage. Thousands of cases are pending
16. The global spread of Autism, other chronic disorders and various cancers etc among children is alarming
17. While ‘experts’ deny the vaccine autism connection, Courts have so far compensated 87 cases of vaccine induced autism in the USA and Italy
18. Almost ALL the CDC studies disproving the vaccine-autism link have been exposed for fraud and statistical manipulation
19. These studies have not been retracted but are cited as ‘proof’ that vaccines do not cause autism
20. Doctors/ scientists investigating vaccines have been struck off roles and have also died under mysterious circumstances
21. Vaccine harm is mostly life long, without any treatment protocol to address the harm
22. The entire system earns handsomely from vaccines and therefore turns a blind eye to harm done
23. Parents are coerced into vaccinating their children without proper informed consent which is a crime under the Nuremberg Code
24. Parents reporting vaccination harm are ignored, threatened or laughed at
25. Pediatricians get their vaccine commissions and also benefit from treating the adverse effects. They are committed to be silent on the issue. The industry also never educates them on the subject.
Also know why ethical Indian doctors oppose irrational vaccines:
Irrational Vaccines
In India ethical doctors and medical scientists are pointing out how irrational vaccines are being introduced into the country. What are these irrational vaccines?
1. Vaccines for disease whose incidence is low in the country, example Hib
2. Vaccines for diseases that can be easily treated, example rotavirus diarrhoea, measles, mumps
3. Vaccines that are causing death and adverse effects, example Pentavalent, Hexavalent, HPV, OPV
4. Vaccines that have been proven ineffective/ harmful in clinical trials; Rotavirus, BCG, HPV
5. Vaccines that are being given to the wrong target group; Hep-B being given to infants and children
6. Vaccines for diseases that are best encountered in childhood; example, rubella, measles, mumps, whooping cough

They are also worried about other issues;
1. Mass vaccination leads to medication of healthy person, that is unethical
2. Mass irrational vaccination draws tax payers money away from genuine public health measures like nutrition, clean water, hygiene, sanitation, housing, poverty eradication etc 3. Having a vaccine prevents research into the illness and doctors forget how to treat the disease..

Interview worth Reading until the End……

248 diseases researched for vaccination-

A compilation of 302 scientific studies published and available in Pubmed linking vaccines so far to 248 diseases and disabilities including death.

Paediatrician turns against vaccines

A parent

National Vaccine Policy: ethical equity issues

Vaccine Policy in India

Financial incentives and the prescription of newer vaccines by doctors in India
A tremendous resource. 1200 studies on how vaccines are destroying us.

We are facing an unprecedented crisis in our nation and the Western world. There has been a meteoric rise in the rates of autism, developmental delays, learning disabilities, allergy, asthma, autoimmune diseases and more in the way of chronic and debilitating diseases. And tragically, we are losing a large portion of the next generation of children to neurological, neurodevelopmental, behavioral and learning disabilities. According to statistics released by the CDC in 2008, 1 in 6children suffered from either autism or some form of developmental problem! Now 10 years later, given the increasing prevalence and current estimates, that number may be as high as 1 child in 4!And, those statistics show that these developmental delays including behavioral and learning disabilities are continuing to increase at alarming rates. And, all of the learning and behavioral conditions have a prevalence much higher in boys. In addition, all across the spectrum, the rates of allergy, asthma and autoimmunity are nearing epidemic proportions. Autoimmunity is where the body’s immune system attacks certain tissues or organs. There have been over 100 autoimmune diseases identified now, affecting more than 50 million Americans (that is approximately 1 in 6). The prevalence continues to grow at alarming rates. And, autoimmune diseases have a much higher prevalence in females. (All references are provided in the eBook)

Some interesting Reads:

Vaccination Decision making model

Click to access 252the98_public_trust_in_vaccination.pdf

Peter G who was expelled from Cochrane Collaboration for speaking the truth about vaccines now starts his own institute. He was the co founder of the Collaboration. The Collaboration published scientific review of data and thus earned the ire of the industry because much of their data manipulation was exposed. Bill Gates then donated money to the institution and obviously paid its key leaders enough for them to become industry friendly and fire people like Peter G who have fought corporate interests their whole life. Among his achievements Peter exposed the psychiatry industry and the manipulations around the HPV vaccine.

What does peer reviewed literature of 2018 tell us about Thimerosal

Trust in the WHO’s ability to objectively address global health matters is not as strong as it may have been at its inception. And concerns regarding the organisation’s finances and the influences of independent contributors have been circulating since the 1950s when, after years of inaction, the WHO’s relationship with key players in the tobacco industry came to light.

n 2004, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) published a paper showing that there is no link between the age at which a child is vaccinated with MMR and the vaccinated children’s risk of a subsequent diagnosis of autism (1). One of the authors, William Thompson, has now revealed that statistically significant information was deliberately omitted from the paper (2). Thompson first told Dr S Hooker, a researcher on autism, about the manipulation of the data. Hooker analysed the raw data from the CDC study afresh. He confirmed that the risk of autism among African American children vaccinated before the age of 2 years was 340% that of those vaccinated later.

Why you should NEVER vaccinate against whooping cough

It is impossible to become immune to a bacteria. Pertussis (whooping cough) is a bacteria. Tetanus is a bacteria. Diphtheria is a bacteria.

Take whooping cough… injecting the bacteria into a person is just making them an a asymptomatic carrier of whooping cough.

This is why vaccine logic isn’t logic…it’s insanity. The idea is that the vaccine will decrease the risk of an active infection. There is a big problem with that idea. Anyone who is an asymptomatic carrier…and they are re-exposed to that bacteria (like being around someone recently vaccinated) can trigger the dormant bacteria into an active infection.

In America, the CDC’s own data called ‘Pertussis surveillance report’s detail that you are between 4-8x more likely to develop whooping cough if you are fully vaccinated vs someone who is completely unvaccinated. Go look it up…its not hidden information. Whooping cough is on the rise in the US because children receive 5 doses of the dtap vaccine. That’s a lot of carriers of the bacteria.

And that is why vaccinating against whooping cough is completely USELESS.


Did you know that fully vaccinated siblings are a major pertussis (whooping cough) source of infection for infants 6 months of age and younger? During the peak epidemic period “siblings were the most important sources of pertussis in infants 6 months and younger, particularly fully vaccinated children aged 2 and 3 years…Even if cocooning programs could achieve full vaccination coverage of parents and ensure all siblings were fully vaccinated according to national schedules, waning immunity in siblings could provide a means for ongoing transmission to infants.”…/268232954_Finding_the_who_in…


Are subclinical whooping cough infections really benign? Do you know that if you recover from natural whooping cough and then are re-exposed you don’t have any colonization? But if you are vaccinated and exposed you are loaded with bacteria? Subclinical infections happen in vaccinated populations, not naturally immune ones.

Convention would have you believe that getting vaccinated for pertussis is good because it stops you getting pertussis for a few years. But the big picture as always is far more important. This is another reason that having natural infection with lifelong exposure (which everyone has anyway because the bacteria are everywhere, especially in vaccinated populations) portends to better health for the host and the hosts future contacts.

Another study from watching the natural course of unvaccinated and then vaccinated populations on the Faroe Islands.

“with supporting epidemiologic and biologic evidence, we propose that, contrary to conventional wisdom that subclinical pertussis infections are innocuous to hosts, B. pertussis colonization is an important cause of multiple sclerosis.”


Safe and effective? Vaccinations and risk of systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Conclusion: “The pooled findings suggested that vaccinations significantly increased risk of SLE [lupus]… In addition, there was an obvious association between vaccinations and increased risk of RA [rheumatoid arthritis].”


Did you know that whooping cough vaccination has likely driven selection of more dangerous strains of the bacteria that causes pertussis?

“Pertussis resurgence was associated with a mutation in the gene coding for fimbrial proteins, although the functional role of that mutation remains unclear. Based on the above observations, it has been proposed that vaccination has resulted in selection of more virulent strains that are more efficiently transmitted by previously primed hosts.”…/…/1822/20152309


What length of time were you told that DTap and TDaP would protect against pertussis infection?

“Routine Tdap did not prevent pertussis outbreaks. Among adolescents who have only received DTaP vaccines in childhood, Tdap provided moderate protection against pertussis during the first year and then waned rapidly so that little protection remained 2-3 years after vaccination.”…/137/3/e20153326


Did you know that parents getting vaccinated against whooping cough soon after childbirth had no impact on the incidence of whooping cough in their babies?

In an assessment of the impact of vaccinating parents with a pertussis-containing vaccine during a pertussis epidemic it was found that, “There was no difference in the incidence of pertussis among infants whose parents were both vaccinated postpartum compared to those with unvaccinated parents (1.9 vs 2.2 infections per 1000 infants; adjusted HR 0.91; 95%CI 0.55–1.53)…the final cohort contained 53,149 children, 118 of whom developed pertussis…In our setting, vaccinating parents with dTpa during the four weeks following delivery did not reduce pertussis diagnoses in infants.”…/article/pii/S0264410X15012049


Did you know that similar to antibiotic-resistance, there’s vaccine-resistance?

The prolonged 2008 whooping cough epidemic in Australia was predominantly caused by a newly emerging strain that has variants which give it a selective advantage against the acellular whooping cough vaccine. “These clones have the potential to cause epidemics in other countries covered by ACV (acellular vaccine formulations), similar to those used in Australia, and should be monitored locally and globally.”


Did you know that whooping cough outbreaks cannot be controlled with high rates of vaccination?

“Despite high levels of vaccination coverage, pertussis circulation cannot be controlled at all. The results question the efficacy of the present immunization programmes.” In 2011, in the Valles region of Spain, “a total of 421 pertussis confirmed cases were reported, which was the highest incidence reported in the last decade,” at 33 cases/100,000 people/year.

“Pertussis cases aged 2 months-1 year were 90% vaccinated,” and had the highest pertussis incidence rate of 448/100,000…”Cases of 5-9 years were 87% fully vaccinated with 5 doses of DTaP vaccine,” and had a pertussis incidence rate of 154/100,000. “There were no deaths, although 8% of cases were hospitalized.”


Did you know that there’s disagreement around how to protect against whooping cough?

Regarding Bordetella pertussis the author considered that, “we are far from a full understanding of the organism, the disease, the correlates of protection…immunity after vaccination is more or less transient. Therefore, it is not surprising that control of pertussis is relatively poor…The result is the continued circulation of the bacterium in family contacts, regardless of their vaccination history, resulting in exposure of vulnerable newborns.”


Did you know that allergies and asthma have been linked to DTP vaccination?

“Effects of Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis or Tetanus Vaccination on Allergies and Allergy-Related Respiratory Symptoms Among Children and Adolescents in the United States”

UCLA scientists in 2000 figured out where all this asthma and allergies were coming from. Mind-boggling that no one knows this study exists, or that these scientists weren’t “Wakefielded.” Their conclusions are breathtaking to read! They write:

“DTP or tetanus vaccination in US children is associated with lifetime history of asthma or other allergies and allergy- related symptoms… assuming that the estimated vaccination effect is unbiased, 50% of diagnosed asthma cases (2.93 million) in US children and adolescents would be prevented if the DTP or tetanus vaccination was not administered.”…/47-2000-UCLA-Asthma.p…


On the DPT Vaccine used overseas:

We have one vaccinated vs unvaccinated study for DPT in Africa that came out in 2017…and it should have set the vaccine world on its ear. If the real driving force behind the vaccine juggernaut was indeed concern over public health, governments would be scrambling to set up follow-up studies to test whether Aaby’s finding holds true or not true in terms of each vaccine currently on various pediatric schedules, and the impact of the combined schedule.


Pertussis vaccination is hugely ineffective, and this is not an ‘anti-vaxx’ conspiracy….

“This disease is back because we didn’t really understand how our immune defenses against whooping cough worked, and did not understand how the vaccines needed to work to prevent it,” said Christopher J. Gill, associate professor of global health and lead author of the article. “Instead we layered assumptions upon assumptions, and now find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of admitting that we may made some crucial errors. This is definitely not where we thought we’d be in 2017.”

“The resurgence of pertussis in the aP vaccine era is evolving into a slow-moving global public health crisis,” the researchers wrote. “But, with the public’s trust in vaccines waning, this has also become a public relations crisis.”…/resurgence-of-whooping-cough-may-owe-t…/


It’s important to keep an eye on recent history. Just six years ago, the media was reporting honestly on the nature of Pertussis and WHY outbreaks were happening. Today, the false narrative is simple: “Anti-vaxxers are putting everyone at risk.” The reason for this drumbeat is obvious: it supports mandatory vaccination laws.

Notable in the article is that 2012 was the worst Pertussis outbreak since…1955. But, we know that at least by the 1960s, vaccination rates for DTP were 60-70% versus over 90% in 2012…so what gives? Again, CBS News was honest about WHY in 2012:

“Experts looking for an explanation have increasingly looked at a new vaccine introduced in the 1990s, and concluded its protection is not as long-lasting as was previously thought. In September, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine found protection from the DTaP vaccine weakened dramatically soon after youngsters got the last of five recommended doses at six years old.”…/2012-worst-whooping-cough-year-f…/


There was a pertussis “outbreak” in Lane County, Oregon earlier this year. Of course, media blamed everything on parents who don’t vaccinate. Try as many might, they couldn’t get the vaccination status of the children involved from the Oregon Health Authority and finally did:

75% had been vaccinated. Maybe they should send vaccinated kids home when there’s an outbreak?


At a conference on vaccines in San Diego, a UCLA professor presented about what a failure the DTaP vaccine has been.

“Pertussis and Pertussis vaccines; mistakes made during a 112 year odyssey and what some of those mistakes bode for the future”:

“During the last 13 years, major pertussis epidemics have occurred in the USA due to deficiencies in DTaP vaccines.”

“Because of linked-epitope suppression, all children who were primed by DTaP vaccines will be more susceptible to pertussis throughout their lifetimes.”…/world-vaccine-immunot…/index.stm

Click to access 2013121112_BSCOID_Minutes.pdf


After reading about the gross ineffectiveness and many health risks associated with pertussis vaccination, the most eye opening factor is a search of the VAERS database for adverse events reported. A search for death, life threatening injury, permanent disability, and birth defect resulting from pertussis vaccines generates 3,969 events since the year 2000 alone. Scrolling through the death category are endless descriptions of babies killed by these worthless vaccines, and these are a small fraction of actual reactions (as low as 1% reported according to a Harvard study). Search for yourself to weigh the risk.

** Credit to Marcella Piper Terry, Suzanne Humphries, JB Handley, and Physicians for Informed Consent


One of the most shocking pieces of information for a parent researching vaccine safety science, was learning that vaccine trials do NOT use inert saline placebos or unvaccinated control groups in their trial population. They usually use another vaccine or injected aluminum solution (which has no known safety profile) for their ‘placebo’ group.

This is NOT a secret to educated medical professionals, nor global public health officials.

Here is the link to World Health Organization experts trying to navigate and justify this scientific data confounder:!po=0.847458

“Wait- why NOT use a proper placebo?” Any participant in a 6th grade science fair would ask.

Their justification is that withholding an effective treatment is unethical.

💥Please Note: The ethics of EFFICACY is their focus, not the ethics of SAFETY and SIDE-EFFECT testing. This ASSUMES the very premise that vaccines save more lives than they take- it does NOT prove it.💥

🤔So then what about safety and side-effects data capture?

When you read placebo group data, it will ONLY tell you what side effects the other vaccine or injected aluminum is giving to the control group, NOT what unvaccinated populations experience.


👉This is why parents like myself and my husband got so confused when we first started reading manufacturer’s inserts and clinical trial results: Everybody in the trial – both vaccinated and the placebo group- seemed to be having a similar rate of diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, rashes, neurological and autoimmune reactions in the few days or weeks that they participated in the trial.

Our initial conclusion was 🤷🏼‍♀🤷🏼‍♂: “Vaccinating must be just as safe as not vaccinating!” When a more accurately stated conclusion from reading a vaccine’s clinical trial would be: “Vaccinating our infant with RotaTeq to hopefully avoid some unpleasant rotavirus diarrhea has similar rates of life-threatening intussusception and lifelong autoimmune disabilities of Kawasaki’s disease that the placebo group injected with the DTaP vaccine has.”

Not as comforting, we found 😒. It also certainly did not answer our core question as to what vaccine science says about whether it’s safer to vaccinate or not. Apparently, the way revered vaccine trials are designed doesn’t even answer that basic scientific question we are all debating about.

So perhaps the next time someone says that ‘Vaccines are safe #BecauseScience’, the best response would be: ‘We actually have no clue how safe they are.