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More propaganda over measles in Washington state.
Here’s how someone reacted to the news:

Here are four things everyone needs to remember!!!!

1. It’s not a real outbreak. There will ways be pockets of measles and the numbers don’t change drastically from year to year — and are usually under 500 cases out of 326,000,000 people, per the CDC numbers with NO DEATHS. This is just a scare tactic to increase vaccines sales as more parents have woken up to the fact that vaccines contain toxins that actually can harm your health and cause health issues (like T1 diabetes, developmental delays, tics, seizures, autoimmune issues, sudden death, etc). So pharmaceutical companies plant these scare stories to try to counter lower vaccine sales. But in reality, there are a few hundred cases of the measles spread out around the US every year. There’s no emergency “outbreak.” Measles stats here:

2. Why is there all this fear of measles when it’s not a fatal disease? Pharma is pushing a fear campaign, because they don’t want you to realize that having measles can actually REDUCE your risk of cancer and heart disease later in life — according to the real science not funded by pharma.

In fact, humans are supposed to naturally contract these benign and temporary illnesses in our childhood years, so that we attain natural immunity against many cancers and other chronic disabilities as adults. These illnesses prime our immune system so it can handle bigger things down the road — or even protect us from bigger things, like REDUCE CANCER RISK. Science has proven this repeatedly (links below)

3. A large chunk of measles cases are caused by the vaccine, which injects a live virus into children, some of which will end up developing measles. Here’s the proof: 38% of measles cases that were tested in the 2015 US outbreak were vaccine strain measles. 2015

“During the measles outbreak in California in 2015, a large number of suspected cases occurred in recent vaccinees (3). Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences”.

4.While there have been no confirmed deaths from measles in the US in 10 years, there have been more than 400 deaths reported from the measles vaccine. Did the media forget to mention that important fact?

It’s clear that the media is pushing these “outbreaks” as a scare tactic to sell more vaccines for their favorite advertiser, Big Pharma.

Don’t fall for it…Protect your health and your children!

#LearnTheRisk #KnowledgeIsPower #Measles #SaveTheChildren

Studies showing the BENEFITS of getting measles (and mumps)

Wild measles and mumps protects against heart problems.

Wild Mumps: Researchers investigated whether mumps might engender immunity to ovarian cancer through antibodies against the cancer-associated antigen MUC1 abnormally expressed in the inflamed parotid gland.

Wild Measles: Adults are significantly protected against non-breast cancers — genital, prostate, gastrointestinal, skin, lung, ear-nose-throat, and others — if they contracted measles earlier in life. [Med Hypotheses 1998; 51(4): 315-20].

Wild Measles: Montella et al found that contracting measles in childhood reduces the risk of developing lymphatic cancer in adulthood [Leuk Res 2006; 30(8): 917-22].

Wild Measles: Alexander et al found that infection with measles during childhood is significantly protective — it cuts the risk in half — against developing Hodgkin’s disease (OR = 0.53) [Br J Cancer 2000; 82(5): 1117-21].

Measles to the Rescue: A Review of Oncolytic Measles Virus.
MV Clinical trials are producing encouraging preliminary results in ovarian cancer, myeloma and cutaneous non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and the outcome of currently open trials in glioblastoma multiforme, mesothelioma and squamous cell carcinoma are eagerly anticipated.
Aref S, et al. Viruses. 2016.

Wild Measles: Glaser et al also found that lymph cancer is significantly more likely in adults who were not NATURALLY infected with measles, mumps or rubella in childhood [In J Cancer 2005; 115(4): 599-605].

Common Infections: Gilham et al found that infants with the LEAST EXPOSURE TO COMMON INFECTIONS have the GREATEST risk of developing childhood leukemia [BMJ 2005; 330: 1294].



However, if any parent refuses to consent, the vaccine cannot be administered to the child,” said Dr Sanjeev Kamble, director of health services, Maharashtra.

Student in ICU after vaccination.

This report mentions two deaths.

30 kids hospitalised after receiving vaccine at UP school
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Rubella Vaccine reaction in Assam