Collection of Write Ups by Jagannath Chatterji

I am from India. I usually research on vaccines having suffered an extensive adverse reaction in 1979, when I was 17. I suffered bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis, splenomegaly, hepatotoxicity, and irritable bowel. I studied vaccines despite my ill health and started campaigning since 1985. I have been guided by immunologists, doctors and medical scientists who have provided material and education for me to understand and spread awareness on the subject. Life is not easy for me but it is important to get the message across and try and save children and future generations from harm

-Jagannath Chatterjee


My Story

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Autism’s False Scientists

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This was submitted to BMGF. It is still in their website somewhere.

Linking Polio vaccines to AIDS. Letter by Dr. Leo Rebello and Jagannath Chatterjee

Letter protesting introduction of hib vaccine in India

Anti vacccines is expected consumer behavior – Sanevax, Inc

Anti-vaccination is expected consumer behaviour

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